Compound Clay

Established in 1977, Compound Clay Company Limited is the first ceramics industry specific compound clay producer in Thailand, and now being one of the biggest. 
We designed proprietary technology for our appropriate production line.

7 unique strengths that built CPC outstanding

High Value Human Capital

Well trained and skillful high capacity human resources working in production and business disciplines

Proprietary Designed Ball Mills

Hi power direct drive ball mills for powerful milling, control system provide precision in filling and draining slip.

Auto Flushing High Gauss System

Auto flushing high gauss system provide high efficiency removing contaminated ferrous substances from raw materials without struggling the whole production lines.

Polypropylene Filter Plates

Polypropylene filter plates provide consistent size, hardness, moisture of compound clay products without rust contamination.

Spray Dry Unit

High pressure spray dry tower unit to produce granules for dry pressing and isostatic pressing in ceramic tile and tableware production.

Computerized Control Room

Responsive Control room on the deck for observing the overview of production lines, equipped with centralize computer control system

Energy Saving Warehouse

Warehouses in Singburi and Bangkok designed for convenience and save the energy

Customer segment

To facilitate customer segments, CPC has grouped our products following the needs of each segment whether it is a manufacturing, small and medium enterprises, academic, or artists.

Customer collaboration

CPC always collaborate with our clients to perform R&D for the best outcomes aligned with clients’ requirement. Through the line quality control is our commitment to ensure the best product quality delivered to all clients.