Compound Clay

The Kernel

The Importance of Kernel

Kernel is the most important part of many things. Clay is the kernel of all ceramics, without clay there is no ceramic, clay is skeleton, is flesh, is skin, sometime clay is the soul of ceramics, it transfers creation of producers to be the tangible pieces.

As the kernel, clay must comply to the requirement of producers in terms of quality, specification and customization.

Only few suppliers can provide compound clay that best suit the requirement of ceramic producers, CPC is the best one among those.

Thus the bottom line proposition to CPC stakeholders will be as our philosophy


Creating the kernel of esthetic for every creation

Pursuing business sustainability and mutual benefits to all stakeholders, CPC applies innovation and environmental friendly wisdom for R&D, production, customer services and value of our people.

We aim to be the leader of the industry in the digital era with competency cover the area of Customer focus, Quality, Productivity, Marketing, and Cost control as well as Social responsibility.