Compound Clay

CPC Artisan

CPC Artisan

CPC ARTISAN is special compound clay for artists, sculptors and arts academies.

CPC thoroughly understands the special requirement of artists and academic users, various collaborative R&D have been done in order to comply their requirements. In addition to professional artists, CPC ARTISAN also provides products for creative hobbies, consumer and retail but with smaller sizes which easy to carry or stored on retail shelves.

CPC Artisan Products

CPC ARTISAN product line covers all forming applications for sculptures and pieces of arts including firing and glazing.

CPC ARTISAN product include; porcelain, earthenware, vitreous china and refined natural modelling clay.

CPC ARTISAN (Handy Pack) come with small package, more convenience for general users and retail.

CPC ARTISAN (Handy Pack) suitable for creative hobbies, enhancing youths and children skills, creativity and imagination. It is also appropriate to apply in art and sculpture workshops and studios.



ECA is the red earthenware body or fine terra cotta body that has high plasticity for hand-forming, and casting. The nature of this body is sensitive with temperature…more


ECB is refined natural modelling clay, ready to use and suitable for children in skill training for small muscle as well as enhancing their imagination.



PBA is the common porcelain clay which has high plasticity for jiggering or roller head application.
PBA is suitable for tableware set and electrical


PBB is the porcelain clay with high plasticity for hand throwing forming. PBB is preferable used for making tableware sets, blue and white products.


PBG is the common porcelain clay which has high plasticity and coarser residue without sodium silicate preferable for Hand throwing, Jiggering application especially for big Art items or big size tableware.

Vitreous China


VCE is refined natural modelling clay, ready to use. VCE is also good for roller head and hand thrown forming, can be painted when dried. VCE is reusable if needed.

Refined clay


RHA is refined natural modelling clay, ready to
use and suitable. RHA is also good for roller head and hand thrown forming, can be painted when dried. RHA is reusable if needed